Implementing the Solution
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The problem is solved once action is taken to implement the solution which always involves remedying a deficiency of either know-how or resources .  The root cause of all problems is that the person who owns the problem simply lacks the means to get from where they are now to where they want to be.   Sometimes solving a problem is not a matter of  knowing what to do but rather being able to do what it that needs to be done.  The ability to complete the prerequisite action then becomes the new problem.  the problem is not solved until an actionable plan is established...a plan that the problem-owner is capable of implementing with current know-how and resources.   The plan may require more know-how and resources in the future, but they can be acquired by utilizing what the know-how and resources that the problem-owner currently possesses.  

The problem-owner is advised to ask themselves before starting whether or not the solution (the actions required to remove the root causes or remedy deficiencies) is going to work.   It is better to anticipate in advance the viability of the solution or action plan before starting as it will save time, disappointment, and extra costs.

The problem-owner needs to develop an action plan that progressively adds the inputs that are needed and/or removes those inputs that are not needed.    Once the action plan is in motion, results will dictate mid-course corrections.  Feedback will suggestion refines to the understanding of the problem.  In some ways, the action phase is just another way to explore the problem and to expand the problem-owner's understanding of it.   Finally, whenever there are multiple ways to remove the root causes (remedying deficiencies), the tools of decision-making are readily available..