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Leverage: A Force Multiplier

As long as I have to work, I might as well get the work done as quickly and easily as possible. I need to find ways to convert a small amount of effort into a prodigious amount of work accomplished. The last thing I want is to spend a huge amount of effort to accomplish a piddling amount of work. What I need is a way to leverage my efforts to get more done in less time with better quality. In other words, if I have to do something I want to do it faster, better, and cheaper.

Here are some tips for gaining leverage in whatever you do. First, use the best tools, equipment, capital, and technology available by buying, renting, or borrowing what you need. Second, get the know-how to do the job right, If you don't have it, then get the training or hire someone who does have the experience you need. The tools are useless if you don't use them properly with the best practices. Third, team with others to get the job done. A cooperative effort between people who need to do the same types of work allows each to capitalize on the strengths of each other. Plus, many hands make light work. Fourth, focus all your attention on the job until it is done. Don't allow yourself to get distracted. The setup time and rate of forgetting is high on some jobs. Fifth, supply personal leadership on your own project by planning, coordinating, and supervising yourself and your crew. Sixth, ensure the team has proper motivation to get the job done as soon as possible by providing compelling reasons for an early start and quick finish.

When you plan your next project, make sure you take advantage of all possible sources of leverage so that a little amount of effort products the results you seek in record time.


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