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Practical Guidelines for High Risk Opportunities


The following guidelines will serve you well as you strive to find and acquire opportunities:    

  1. An opportunity is a chance of getting extraordinary rewards at ordinary costs and risks. 

  2. Every opportunity has some cost and some risk.   Must be willing to pay the price for opportunity.

  3. Opportunity = Rewards > (greater than) investment and risk

  4. Opportunities abound everywhere, but most people have difficulty seeing them, especially if they are in their own backyard.

  5. Opportunities are most often found in problems.  Big Problems = Big Opportunities.

  6. Opportunities are most often found during period of rapid change.  Big Change = Big Opportunities

  7. Opportunities quickly evaporate  and must be acted upon rapidly.  

  8. Not all opportunities are created equal; Some opportunities are better than others; Challenge is to find the best opportunities.

  9. Most opportunities can be improved with a little innovation.    

  10. Most risks can be reduced with a little prudent effort. 

  11. High opportunity = Risk-adjusted rewards >> (much higher than) investment

  12. High opportunities are rare and must be searched for diligently.  

  13. High opportunities almost always come with high risks, but donít give up in the face of risk because most risks can be managed.

  14. High risks sometimes come with opportunities but be slow to respond as they must be investigated carefully.