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Crisis Produces Opportunity

We are surrounded by opportunities, but it takes a special, trained eye to see them.  It takes gumption and nerve to act upon and purse opportunities once they are found.  An important source of opportunity evolves during social crises.  While crisis produces opportunity, people tend to respond to crisis by trying to avoid downside losses and defending what they have...the status quo.  People in crisis fail to seek the good that comes with the bad. 


The focus of this High Risk Opportunity website is to assist individuals and organizations find and pursue high-end opportunities despite inherent uncertain times and potential, down-side risks.  Opportunities can be improved by opportunity management practices.  Likewise, risks can be reduced by applied risk management practices (see risk management web page).   A cardinal rule of high-risk opportunities is that they are not all created equal.  Some high-risk opportunities offer more rewards at less cost and less risk than others.  The better opportunities are only revealed after they are adjusted for both opportunity maximizing and risk minimization actions.  Some attractive opportunities many not look so appealing once their high price and high risks are taken into account. 


The goal of opportunity finding is to find those opportunities that are worth pursuing.   

This web section is divided into sections, each devoted to a particular aspect of high risk opportunities.

Rewards: The motivation that drives us to do what we do rather than to do nothing.
Risks: The prospect of loss or getting less than what we expect in our quest for rewards. 
Opportunity: The prospect of getting even more reward than what we expect from our efforts.
Risk & Return: The relationship between risk and return and how to judge whether the balance is in your favor. 

High Risk Opportunity: A unique regime wherein lies the potential for extraordinary gains but also high risks.

Regret: The state of remorse over a decision that turns out counter to what you expected.


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